Sewing Pillowcases

First, we went to Walmart to each get a yard of whatever fabric we wanted. it was really fun to pick out whichever fabric we wanted, and there was a lot of choices.

I’m not going to make a tutorial on how to make a pillowcase, but I did find this video on how to make one.

Here are some pictures of us making ours:

Some of us had to wait to do ours, like in the picture below, but we had our 2  cousins over so it didn’t feel very long. Our aunt helped us trim and iron our fabric. She also had fun with us while we waited for our turn to sew. Our mom helped us sew our pillowcases together.

This is our aunt with my sister. We don’t have any pictures of our mom because she was sewing with us, so she couldn’t take pictures of herself.

My mom said you always have to iron when you sew. So before we sewed we ironed the lines where we were going to sew. Here’s our aunt helping my other sister. She is 4.

My mom let us push the pedal on the sewing machine, and she kind of helped us guide the fabric. Our cousin, Lucy, who is 6 pushed the pedal all the way down so it went super fast. It was really funny. I thought pushing the pedal felt like driving,  even though I don’t have my driver’s license.

This picture is of one of my other sisters sewing her pillowcase. I took this picture.

This is me cutting the extras off of my pillowcase. Always use pinking shears to cut that off because if you don’t it will string out.

There are our finished pillowcases. The pink and white striped one is my baby sister’s. She didn’t make it, but she really wanted to put it on so we let her.

Have fun making yours!