Population: 1,409,517,397

Language: Chinese

Food: Click here

Area: 3,696,000 Square Feet  

Government: Communist Government

Capital City: Beijing

President: Xi Jinping

Topography: The land surface ascends like a three-step staircase

Climate: In the northeast the summers are hot and dry and the winters are freezing cold. The north and central regions have frequent bouts of rain coupled with hot summers and cold winters.  In the southeast there is plenty of rainfall, semi-tropical summers and cool winters. 

Transportation: Railway


Venezuela Flag (source)

Population: 31.57 million

Language: Spanish

Food: I chose this because it looked pretty good(the picture is a link to the recipe).

Area: 353,841 mi²

Government: Federal Presidential Republic

Capital City: Caracas

President: Nicolás Maduro

(source: Google Images)

Topography: Uneven. here are some mountain ranges:


Venezuelan Coastal Range (Pico Niaguata)

Angel Falls (the tallest waterfall in the world):

Climate: Mountains = Cold     Plains = Warm

Transportation: Air, Water, Railway